Readers ask: How Does A Wireless Dog Fence Work?

Do wireless dog fences really work?

Many people think an invisible underground wireless electric fence is the best way to keep their dog in their yard. However, they are simply not as effective as you might think. Statistics suggest that invisible wireless electric fences are only about 70% effective.

Do you need WiFi for a wireless dog fence?

Wire-Free is a self contained fencing system that requires no computer or outside internet services. The Wire-Free WiFi Fence utilizes WiFi-like radio signal protocol 802.15 and operates completely independent of your computer, WiFi router or other computer devices.

How do wireless pet containment systems work?

A wireless dog containment system has two parts: the transmitter and the receiver. The transmitter plugs into an electrical outlet, and the wireless dog collar has the receiver. The transmitter sends out a radius of radio frequencies, and you can adjust the signal distance to your desired boundary space.

How does PetSafe wireless dog fence work?

The PetSafe Wireless Fence provides the safest, simplest form of pet containment ever. Plug in the transmitter some where inconspicuously in your home. The transmitter emits radio signal around your home. While the collar is receiving the signal, your dog is free to run and play in your yard.

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Can a dog run through an invisible fence?

Invisible dog fences, whether they be in-ground or wireless systems, seem like a great technology in theory. You can allow your dog to run free, without needing to be confined by a runner at all times.

How far will a wireless dog fence work?

How Far Will A Wireless Dog Fence Work? The max range for wireless systems is 496 acres using GPS-based systems. These systems do not use transmitters and don’t have the same interference issues. Wireless transmitter-based pet fences can extend up to roughly 1,000 feet in diameter.

What is the best wireless fence for a dog?

The 3 Best Wireless Dog Fences

  • Our #1 Pick: PetSafe Wireless Dog and Cat Containment System. Our overall favorite wireless dog fence comes from the inimitable PetSafe.
  • PetSafe Stay and Play Compact Wireless Fence.
  • PetSafe PIF-300 Wireless 2-Dog Fence.

Are wired or wireless dog fences better?

A wireless dog fence is easier to install, but it is not as reliable of a solution. In addition to this, if you need to contain more than Ā¾ of an acre of land, you will need to choose a wired system.

How close can a dog get to an invisible fence?

How Close Can Invisible Fence Wires Be? The standard is four feet. Invisible fence wires can be four feet apart from each other in order to work. If you’re installing a double loop fence and want to make the signal stop, then you may want to put your lines closer.

How can I keep my dog in the yard without a fence?

6 Ways to Keep Your Dog in a Yard Without a Fence

  1. Invisible Fence. An invisible fence is an electric device that delivers a mild static shock to your dog whenever she passes the boundary.
  2. Tie Outs, Tethers, or Trollies.
  3. Boundary Training.
  4. Long Line.
  5. Build Your Own Fence.
  6. Exercise Pen.
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How far does PetSafe wireless fence go?

The maximum range is at least 90 ft. on any of the PetSafeĀ® Wireless Fence systems. It is recommended that you place the 2 transmitters no more than 150 ft. apart.

What frequency does PetSafe wireless fence use?

The ProTX-1 is a PetSafe Professional product. Since PetSafe Professional systems are professionally installed and can be set to custom frequencies, we would be unable to say for sure whether your transmitter is set to the standard PetSafe frequency of 10.65 kHz.

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