Often asked: How To Stain A Cedar Fence?

How do you prepare a cedar fence for staining?

Follow these simple steps to prepare your cedar fence for staining.

  1. Step 1: Repairs. Examine your fence’s current condition.
  2. Step 2: Deep cleaning. It’s important to remove any dirt, mold or other grime from your fence before staining.
  3. Step 3: Rinsing.

Should you stain a cedar fence?

A: Having a cedar fence is an attractive add-on for any piece of property. In order for it to retain its beauty, a cedar fence needs to be cared for and protected from the environment. In many cases this just requires a simple application of a good wood stain.

Do I need to sand my cedar fence before staining?

Do I need to sand the fence first? You should not stain over a painted fence, sand it first to prepare the surface. If you want to add color choose a stain which will bring out the best from the grain of the wood. Often a clear stain looks best, showing off the quality of the grain in the new fence on the property.

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What is the best way to stain cedar?

Staining Cedar With a Semi-Transparent Stain Manual brushing is often the best option since spraying can result in blotching. Semi-transparent stain also beads up water, preventing moisture from penetrating the wood’s cellular structure.

What is the best stain for cedar fences?

Our Top 5 Best Cedar Stains For Fences

  • Ready Seal Natural Cedar Exterior Stain.
  • Thompson’s WaterSeal Waterproofing Stain.
  • Defy Extreme Transparent Exterior Wood Stain.
  • Olympic Stain Elite Woodland Oil Stain.
  • Cabot Semi-Solid Deck & Siding Stain.

Is it better to spray or roll stain on a fence?

Spraying vs. I recommend using an airless sprayer when applying wood fence stain. Using only a brush and roller for this project is extremely time-consuming and labor-intensive. Use a sprayer to quickly apply the material on the surface and a brush and roller to push the material into the wood.

How long should you wait before staining a new cedar fence?

Consider the type of wood, and then wait the proper amount of time (usually anywhere between 1 and 6 months ) before staining or sealing your fence. This will allow it to sufficiently weather and to dry or cure.

Do you need to seal both sides of a cedar fence?

While you should always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, the general rule is that wood fences should be stained every five years and sealers should be applied every two to three. Of course, if you are staining and sealing it makes sense to seal after staining and vice versa.

Can I stain my side of the fence?

You legally cannot and should not paint your side of the fence that didn ‘t even touch your property line. Your neighbor is within his right to oppose your idea of painting your side of the fence, even if you think that it’s the best way to keep things tidy around the neighborhood.

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What happens if you stain a dirty fence?

You never want to apply stain to a dirty fence. Wood fence stain will only trap any dirt and particulates existing on the fencing, and that grime may even cause the stain to not stick.

Should I power wash my fence before staining?

Firstly, do the necessary preparations before staining the wood. The required minimum pressure for the washer is 2500 PSI to remove any dirt particles effectively. If your fence has severe dirt or mold, or if it’s facing harsh weather conditions, then it’s the best time to use a pressure washer.

Do you need to remove old stain before restaining a fence?

All you have to do is remove the surface layer of aged wood cells to expose a fresh layer of wood. With a power washer, it’s as easy as washing your car. Then apply an exterior wood oil fence stain to preserve this new layer of wood. It’ll prolong the life of your fence to boot.

What is the best clear coat for cedar?

Best Clear Cedar Finish For Outdoors The best clear Cedar finish stain for outdoors is Linseed oil, hands down. Linseed oil is the primary ingredient in any oil finishes, which dries clear. You can find other clear water-based stains, but will not last nearly as long as a Linseed oil based stain will.

Should you stain cedar wood?

Although you can let your cedar weather naturally when used for a deck or a fence, when you’re using it as a siding the idea is to keep the elements out. Staining the cedar is the absolute best way to ensure this, especially in areas that have four-season climates.

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