Often asked: How To Hide A Chain Link Fence With Plants?

What can you plant in front of a chain link fence?

If you were looking for some perennial flowering vines for fences, these would include:

  1. Dutchman’s Pipe.
  2. Trumpet vine.
  3. Clematis.
  4. Climbing Hydrangea.
  5. Honeysuckle.
  6. Wisteria.

How can I cover my chain link fence cheaply?

To make a chain-link fence more attractive, you can start by installing fence slats. If that doesn’t work for you, try full bamboo screens. These can be easily be attached using metal wire and add a layer of privacy to your fence, as well as raising the curb appeal.

How can I hide my chain link fence?

There are lots of chain link fence privacy options including privacy fence tape, plastic slats, covering your chain link fence with artificial hedge rolls and privacy screens, but there are also natural options like using vines and rolls of bamboo.

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What is a good plant to cover a fence?

Best Plants to Cover a Fence

  • Curtain Creeper. Botanical Name: Vernonia elaeagnifolia.
  • Garlic Creeper. Botanical Name: Mansoa alliacea.
  • Rangoon Creeper. Botanical Name: Combretum indicum.
  • Crimson Glory Vine. Botanical Name: Vitis coignetiae.
  • Dutchman’s Pipe. Botanical Name: Aristolochia macrophylla.
  • Honeysuckle.
  • Hyacinth Bean.
  • Hops.

How can I make my chain link fence look nice?

Turning the visual eyesore into a beautiful, serene addition to a yard is an easy task to undertake with a bit of planning.

  1. Slide privacy slats into the links of the fence.
  2. Cover the chain link fence with climbing vines.
  3. Painting chain link renews the look.
  4. Rolled bamboo creates a serene wooded atmosphere.

Will climbing hydrangea grow on chain link fence?

Chain link and ornamental iron fencing can easily withstand wisteria, climbing hydrangea, rambling rose, or other strong, woody climbers that other fences wouldn’t be able to handle. Do enjoy the beauty of a vine-covered fence, giving you privacy and a beautiful view.

How do you hide a fence with plants?

Simply fix wires or trellis to the fence, which climbing plants can use for support, and which you can tie stems into as they grow. Choose fast-growing climbers like Clematis montana, rambling roses and honeysuckle. Annual climbers like morning glory and sweet peas can be grown to fill gaps while the perennials grow.

How do you increase the height of a chain link fence?

4 Easy Ways to Heighten a Chain Link Fence

  1. Add Welded Wire to the Top of Your Fence. One way to heighten your chain link fence is to add material to the top of your fence.
  2. Add Mesh Cloth to the Top of Your Fence.
  3. Add Tenax to Your Chain Link Fence.
  4. Use PVC Piping or New Line Posts to Extend Fence Posts.
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How deep do chain link fence posts need to be?

Step 1 – Depending on the geographical location, fence height, and fencing materials used, post hole size may vary. In general for residential chain link fences, dig holes 6″ in diameter by 30″ deep (or below frost line in your area).

How do you attach a tarp to a chain link fence?

A 6-by-8-foot tarp works best because many chain-link fences are 4 feet tall.

  1. Fold the tarp in half along the 8-foot sides with the ends of the 6-foot sides pressed together, creating a piece that measures 6 by 4 feet.
  2. Drape the tarp over the chain-link fence with the fold resting on the top rail of the fence.

How do you secure the bottom of a chain link fence?

The quickest and easiest way to secure the bottom of your chain link fence is to use a garden border and line the bottom of your fence. Alternatively, you could get tent stakes and secure the bottom of the fence to the ground. Choosing the right option depends on your exact situation and needs.

Is chain link fence cheaper than wood?

Even with their separate components – including metal stakes, galvanized posts, brackets and tie wires – chain link fences are almost always cheaper to purchase and install than wood, regardless of the type of lumber in consideration.

Can you put a wood fence up on chain link posts?

Unfortunately the chain link fence conversion to wood fence isn’t an easy transition. In theory, it can be done but in practice there are many factors that are working against you. Most chain link fences have posts that are spaced right around 10′ apart. Wood fence panels, and common components are only 8′ wide +/-.

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