How To Stretch A Barbed Wire Fence?

How tight should barbed wire be stretched?

If you’re working by yourself, put on your hiking boots. “That’s really the only way to know if it’s tight enough along the line, but not too tight. New barbed wire has some stretch in it, and you want to take out most of that stretch — but not all of it — or it will break when you hit it with the hammer.”

What is a fence stretcher?

Fence stretchers are used to provide the proper amount of tension on wire fences. A tight fence protects livestock and wildlife from getting tangled in the fence which could cause injury or even death. They all work the same with some type of clamp to attach to the wire and a ratcheting system to tighten it.

What is a fence puller?

With a fence puller, you’ll not have to wrestle rolls of fencing, pulling them tight only to find your fence sagging here and there. This tool takes just a few minutes to put together and will be worth its weight in gold the first time you put it to use.

How much is a roll of barbed wire?

Barbed Wire Prices Per Foot or Roll. Price ranges from $0.03 to $0.08 per foot, or between $60 and $110 per standard, 1,320-foot roll. Exact costs will depend on the type, thickness, and quality you choose, as well as the number of strands, or layers, you’ll need.

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How do you tighten a loose chain link fence?

Stretch tension wire on outside of the chain link fence, the same side of the fence that the fabric is on, opposite the posts and top rail. Once tension wire is stretched, walk along fence line and tuck the bottom tension wire under, then between the posts and the chain link fabric.

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